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Talent Acquisition

We design and deliver solutions to align talent strategy with business strategy. Great people are the foundation of your business. You need to hire the best. Recruitment is not getting any easier – and it has changed radically with the arrival of social networks in business life. Hiring is now faster, more competitive, more social and no longer limited by geographic location. Talent acquisition follows new rules, processes and technology models. Personal networks are not personal anymore. They are social.

Career Coaching

A career coach can help you identify the right role for you and then help you make the transition into your new role. Career coaching integrates career research and complex psychological assessment with current knowledge about the job market and organisational processes. A career coach is well placed to help you understand the world of work and your own personal development.


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About us

Highly specialist International Staffing firm

We have built a strong reputation as a company you can rely on to successfully assist with the most important activity any organisation can ever do hire Top Talent. As a highly-respected recruitment we provide the highest standards of executive search, critical career development guidance and advice to technology professionals.

We help market-leading multinational organizations to develop their talent pool whilst ensuring the demands of technology businesses are met.
The sectors covered by the International team are: Loyalty, BigData, Retail and e-commerce. We work with many large FMCG organisations for which we recruit within IT, Finance, Sales and Marketing.

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Why use MA-Talent Consultancy?

The War for Talent is being played out on a global battle. Corporations eager to gain competitive advantage must hire the best people in order to survive and progress. A blend of headhunting, international database search and contingency approach which ensures your ‘coverage’ is maximised. We are experts at establishing a controlled, open process tied in with your timescales, reducing the time it takes you to hire.

Talent acquisition

  • Permanent, temporary positions
  • An in-depth interview where we will also evaluate your personality skills with psychometric tests
  • Career guidance, salary advice, assistance with your CV
  • Competitive market rates

Career Coaching

Our career coaching programmes are always tailored around your specific needs but they will typically include some or all of the following.  Working with a highly experienced career coach you will be able to:

  • Improve your career progression with your current organisation
  • Move into a new external role
  • Explore your career options
  • Change career direction


We are believers in the potential of individuals, teams and organisations


A career coach can help you identify the right role for you and then help you make the transition into your new role. Career coaching integrates career research and complex psychological assessment with current knowledge about the job market and organisational processes.  A career coach is well placed to help you understand the world of work and your own personal development.

The “Build Your Employability” and ” Develop Your Career” programmes are designed for those who want to assess their skills and professional experience, with a view to assessing the opportunity/need to give a new impetus to their career or to begin a process of professional redeployment, either within or away from their company. The aim is to revitalise their role and to rediscover the motivation to achieve personal excellence by following a four-stages:

1) An Assessment of skills and characteristics

The individual subject’s skills and expertise are charted and evaluated while examining his/her educational background, training and professional experience and the whole area of values, needs and ambitions. The analysis of their personal characteristics is supported by the use of tests and questionnaires administered by psychologists.

2) The Professional project and its attainability

Based on what has emerged in relation to his/her skills and characteristics and particular strengths and weaknesses, the subject is then helped by the consultant to identify the professional project that he/she wishes to achieve, and the way in which they want to achieve it, while also taking account the state of the employment market in question.

3) Communication Tools: CV and cover letter

The subject is then helped in the structuring of his/her curriculum vitae in line with their professional goal, choosing the most appropriate content, form and style for the objective/project involved in terms of potential marketability (chronological CV – reverse-chronological CV– functional CV). He/she is also supported in composing a cover letter, to be sent with the CV, with the aim of highlighting the connections between the subject’s skills/personal background and the position for which he/she is applying.

4) Plan of Action and Development

The further steps required to achieve the project will then be decided, together with the plan in relation to skills development, using information regarding the labour market in question, and incentives and suggestions for actions designed to further the professional project.



Teams are at the centre of much of the work of organisations. They may be structural teams, they may be ad hoc teams, they may be cross department, or even cross organisation. Effective team functioning can be a significant driver of organisation and enterprise success.
We focus on the areas of change, sustainability, engagement, leadership development, alternative education.We activate generative dialogue, observe the factual situation, listen to the stories and track them. We rebuild processes with rhythm and attention, We value people; identifying their guiding principles and the those of the organisations they work in, highlighting the shared common sense.


Our approach however is generally structured around:


We look at what is going on at present, what are the problems and opportunities when observed from outside.


We seek the untapped potential in the organisation and in the people which can be developed and applied to the solutions.


We help the organisation develop the processes, skills and abilities to deliver value.

CLIENTS - portfolio


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COO | Head of Logistic | Supply Chain Manager @ Clarins

4 July 2022

Marco è una persona di indubbio talento e di grandi capacità di analisi e sintesi. A queste doti professionali si aggiunge la capacità di costruire relazioni, una abilità fondamentale per instaurare un rapporto di fiducia e stima che accompagni aziende e candidati in un momento di cambiamento.
Preciso, disponibile, aperto ed empatico.

IT Manager @ Clarins

31 May 2022

Sono tra le persone a cui Marco ha dato un’opportunità di crescita.
Ne ho apprezzato da subito la totale trasparenza ed il costante appoggio durante tutto il percorso di selezione. Quando dovessi in futuro cercare una nuova sfida professionale, lui sarà il primo professionista a cui mi rivolgerò.

Junior Product Manager @

2 June 2022

Marco è una persona davvero professionale, seria e puntuale. Molto disponibile, e sempre presente per feedback e domande.

Quality Assurance Manager@ Fumakilla Europe (VAPE)

February 9-2022
Some time ago I was contacted by Dr. Marco Abbate for a job selection, for an important position in a Japanese company which is a world leader in the production and marketing of insecticides, which ended positively.
I was pleasantly surprised and impressed to see in Marco a great sensitivity and capacity for in-depth analysis, as well as a sincere care of all the human aspects in the management of the candidate, combined with a great professionalism in conducting the brokerage and negotiation relationship with the company.
So thank you very much Marco!
Key Account Manager @ Catalina Italia
June 23, 2021
Ho avuto il piacere e la fortuna di “avere a che fare” con Marco nel mio ultimo cambio lavorativo e non posso che ringraziarlo per la sensibilità e la cura con cui mi ha accompagnato in questo passaggio, che rappresenta sempre un momento importante e delicato per la vita professionale (e non solo) di ognuno! Quindi…grazie!
Finance Manager @ Clarins Italia S.p.A.
June 16, 2021
Marco è una persona di grande competenza e professionalità. Nel mio momento di passaggio da una comfort zone ad una nuova e stimolante opportunità, Marco mi ha supportato dandomi preziosi consigli e seguendomi nei vari step della selezione. È bello sapere che in determinati momenti lavorativi della vita ci sono persone su cui puoi fare affidamento, non tutti i recruiters hanno questa eccezionale caratteristica. Grazie infinite Marco.
Analista software @ Macro One srl
 April 7-2021
Grazie Marco. Grazie a Te ed al tuo lavoro ho colto una bella occasione. In Macro ho trovato un ambiente cordiale, professionale e motivato per il quale sarà un piacere dare il massimo per la reciproca soddisfazione. Grazie di nuovo.
Product Manager @ IRI
February 8, 2021
Marco è stato determinante nella mia scelta di intraprendere una nuova esperienza lavorativa. Già dal primo contatto si è instaurato un rapporto di fiducia, e nonostante il periodo molto difficile dovuto alla pandemia, è riuscito a presentarmi un’opportunità molto interessante, in linea con le mie ambizioni ed aspettative. Cambiare lavoro è una scelta importante e Marco è stato in grado di supportarmi, condividendo i miei punti di forza e debolezza, di guidarmi attraverso tutti gli step di selezione con ottimi consigli e di accompagnarmi verso questa nuova avventura. Grazie Marco.


National Key Account Manager @ Clarins/Hermès Italia
December 24, 2020
Marco è una persona che coniuga perfettamente professionalità e umanità, il che non è affatto scontato al giorno d’oggi. Individuando la mia figura tra altre potenziali, mi ha permesso di cogliere una bella opportunità professionale, andando così a migliorare la mia posizione lavorativa. È stato una spalla fondamentale in tutto il percorso di selezione. Sicuramente non sarebbe stato uguale se non ci fosse stato lui, sempre in grado di usare la parola giusta al momento giusto. Grazie, Marco