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client director@Catalina Italia
Marco is a smart, intelligent and nice person. \nI’ve been very impressed with the professionalism Marco has shown during my contact with him through the selection process. \nHe always gave me a lot of advice for my career and he has helped me improve my personal skills.
Cristina was Marco\s client
Commercial Director at dunnhumby Italy
Marco is a talented recruiter. He did contact me offering a position and I really appreciated his skills in establishing in a quick way an effective level of relationship . Although we only spoke at the phone he managed to attract and retain my attention. He\s always been keen on understanding my skills and wills and helped me in evaluating the job offere and managing the different recruiting process phases.
Maurizio was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Deputy Manager at Watches of Switzerland
Marco has the ability to grasp the current situation in a working environment and is excellent at generating new ideas to meet the required end result. \nMarco was a co-facilitator on a management training programme that we delivered for our staff in 2008. He has a warm and empathetic style, uses humour, and is and engaging speaker. Marco is able to deliver training in a flexible way that adapts to the needs of the participants
Jesus managed Marco at Idealpeople
Executive Coach and Occupational Psychologist – Applying Psychology in the Workplace – Director Ascolto Limited
My recommendation for Marco is a bit different from the others. He carried out a number of projects for several companies 2008-2009 and I worked with him as an external advisor. I found that Marco has a very professional approach to his work and is very methodical. He undertook some complex project work to a very demanding time scale and delivered excellent products which were to a very high standard and in the time frame. He is tenacious and dedicated and enthusiastic about his clients and work – a pleasure to work with.
Kris was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Finance & Corporate Manager @dunnhumby Italia
I would recommend Marco to anyone looking for a recruitment consultant \nwithin the Finance space. I was impressed by the prompt results and the \nattention I received during and after the recruitment process. \nHe is highly focused, personable and results-oriented and was able to \nidentify a niche candidate matching both technical and behavioural profile \nin a short space of time.
Salvatore was Marco\s client
Sviluppo competenze manageriali e Sale people in Aziende prodotti Lusso, Cosmesi Farmacia e Profumeria selettiva
Marco is a very polite professional person
Roberta was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Finance Director @Nectar Italia
Marco doesn\t simply work for Idealpeople, he is an ideal people; because he could keep my attention high, made me feel an important part of a new exciting project and dedicated me all the necessary time without any hurry. On top of this, he carried out a big effort to match my attitudes with the target company culture, to make both parties happy and mutually satisfied. \nIf all of the above is a secret recipe for success… don\t tell it to anybody 🙂
Andrea was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Head of Customer Marketing Department @Auchan
Marco is the right person to guide you in the delicate steps of selection, thanks to his special skill with putting you in your best conditions to face it. To obtain the best results he gets to know the candidate very deeply and helps him to be more self confident giving clear and adequate advices.
Edoardo. was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Senior Analyst at Nectar Italia
Marco contacted me via LinkedIn in connection with a job offer within a brand new branch of Group Aeroplan that is being set up here in Milan. I very much valued his commitment throughout the selection process. He would always ring me up after each interview to see how it went and never failed to provide timely feedback, support and good advice, always in a very kind, gentlemanly, nonetheless practical way.
Stefano was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Sysadmin & DBA@Nectar Italia
Marco contacted me via Linkedin. I\m usually fairly distrustful about people offering me job opportunities, more than ever during this recession. \nBut Marco was able to catch my attention! \nHe wasn\t just looking for someone to fill a job postion but he was looking for the perfect match between that job position and the right person. \nSo he listened to me, my expectations in terms of professional and economical growing. \nAnd the job he offered me was just what I was looking for! \nMarco has always been kind and available and he took care of every aspect of the \”transition\” \nI couldn\t thank him enough for the great chance he has given me.
Massimo was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
E-Communication – Digital division at Nectar Italia – AIMIA
Marco is a very serious and professional person. He followed me during the entire selection process giving constantly feedbacks about the interviews results. I appreciated very much he always asked me my opinions about the interviews i ve done. \nHe was a pleasure begin this new adventure with him.
Luigi was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Analytical Architecture Director at dunnhumby
I remember very well the day I received the first call from Marco. It\s a day that changed my life. \nHe came to me out of the blue, but in a few minutes he caught my attention and was able to highlight the big opportunities he had for my job career. \nDuring the whole three months process that led me to the new job, he was always there when I needed to know something, when I needed some tips or even only support. \nI could appreciate his professionalism and the deep knowledge of both the company and the position he was offering me. \nI think that without his help it would have been harder to succeed. I can only say \”Thanks, Marco!\”.
Marco was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople
Project Manager at dunnhumby UK
Marco is a great recruiter. My cooperation with him and Ideal People was nothing but pleasure. \nThroughout the whole time I was being provided with reliable, up to date information. Marco\s attitude could be described as unique mixture of professionalism and efficiency. If I need help with job hunting again, I will not hesitate to ask Marco for help in first place.
Anna was Marco\s client
Marketing Director Unieuro at Dixons Retail
Marco is a highly professional and competent Consultant in the area of Recruitment and Organisation. He is friendly, committed and sharp and is a real Partner you can count on during the hiring process. \nHe is a good spokesman for his client too. \nI can only be positive about Marco and the recruiting process we have been trough together.
Gianmarco was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople