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Gianmario Raimondo (Jimmy)

IT Test Lead presso Nectar Italia; Owner ASD Dairago 2011 C5
Marco is a very professional person. \nHe helped me take the most effective approach at every stage of the recruitment process. \nI would like to highlight four aspects of his skills: \n- Assertive: affirmation of himself and a great view of the thoughts of others; \n- Wise: Listens to and motivates the candidate, sending a positive attitude; \n- Communication: easily establishes a personal relationship with partners; \n- Humble: listens attentively to the demands of the candidate and is able to provide other points of view. \nHis experience enables him to know in which direction to go, to know what the objectives are and how to reach them. \nHe has proven me to be a serious professional who knows the difference between: knowledge (culture), the know-how (experience) and interpersonal skills (ability). \nI\m glad to have known him and I hope to work with him again.
Gianmario was with another company when working with Marco at Idealpeople